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Protest Series



We live in a world full of protest. The once-pinned world is now a world full of its own opinions and perceptions. As a photographer I want to show my vision on these activities. In five pure images I symbolically show 5 segments of protest. Search for justice, taking action, going against established values, standing up against sin and also the loss of own benefits by not thinking about own actions.

Chronological Depression


mogelijkheid 4.jpg

A photo sequence in which depression is displayed. In my eyes, this is something you won't just tell everyone. You do not want to arouse pity and pretend to have "special" needs because you are someone who has something that nobody can do anything about. Not even you.


Yet people always look at depression in two possible ways. Either those who have it or have had it and those who don't know it. That is why I opted for a dark red and soft dark green monochrome. two ways of looking, but only being able to understand if you know it yourself.


The three images are named: Intention (top left), Alienation (right) and View (bottom left)



2 Diptiek Ext.jpg

Everyone has their opinion about nature and its future. For a long time I believed that we could still save the world. As a society we could strive for a better coexistence with nature. Currently my opinion has changed dramatically. Nature will always exist, but will be another dimension of itself. Without the physical presence of man. Only a small footprint as a scar of history that is no longer read by anyone will be present. Natural selection.


This series hang in the Central Station of Antwerp in the month May of 2020 for the Antwerp Billboard Project. 

This series was presented at the Noorderlicht festival 2020: Generation Z in Groningen. 

The moonprince


even gelijk klein-3.jpg
even gelijk klein-2.jpg
even gelijk klein.jpg

The moon prince is a story written by Starla E. Roose. In which a young boy gets tormented by his own mind. This all because of the quartarians taking over his life. 
With these images I try to capture the feeling and the moment of the story. 

marie klein.jpg

Mental destruction



Many people live a fear. Psychical pain. Nobody who ever will get the pain. Nobody who ever will understand the suffering. With this series I try to show this crisis. In the hope you will never again say that it will be "fine", that you can relate, but that you listen first and try to understand before you judge. 



groot 2.jpg

A personal matter. Stalking is in your head once you've been through it. It continues to haunt you. Even if you know that there is probably nothing, the fear remains. The pictures are deliberately very dark and allow the viewer to imagine. It is a representation of reality that can still be interpreted. A search for the alienation remains possible through the shadows and details in the dark. Is it a stalker? or is it just a raveling of the past ... A truth that no one wants to experience.

Corona Series PT.1


Schermafbeelding 2020-06-25 om 20.04.27.
Schermafbeelding 2020-06-25 om 20.04.43.

Ever had the feeling that everything you were striving for was in vain? From March 13, 2020, Covid-19 had a major impact on my life. At this point in my life, my biggest source of income is event photography. Taking away the opportunity to do my job brought me back to feelings I once had. This cast a shadow on my earlier work. Will I ever be able to work as before? Will I ever be able to work again? The possibility to take photos outdoors was also removed. That's how I started thinking. How can I summarize my feelings about covid in an image with the photos I have?

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-25 om 20.04.54.

Corona Series PT.2


Schermafbeelding 2020-06-25 om 20.04.01.

The further corona passed, the darker my feelings became. Locked up. No prospect of improvement. A cry not to lose humanity. The more lonely one became, the more self-centered society became. Friends who were without visitors for weeks. Got bad news. Say goodbye to loved ones via skype. Do we want this people? Would we never forget this please!

In these images I show you things that often symbolise beauty. But they lost this aspect. 

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-25 om 20.04.14.




Freedom. Such a vague concept. Hand over to be free.

As I stared to the skies and the birds in Friesland I felt limited. I felt relaxed and anxious at the same time. This while i was having the idea of being free. Was it required to stop watching or should I have set trough to capture what I found to be beautiful? 


Adaptation Speculation

September 2020

La main du vol - Jelle Jansegers.jpg
Suie - Jelle Jansegers.jpg
Cercle froisse - Jelle Jansegers.jpg
Mouche tombee - Jelle Jansegers.jpg
Vases non communicants - Jelle Jansegers
La perte de David - Jelle Jansegers.jpg
Nouveau souffle - Jelle Jansegers.jpg
Mirroir interieur - Jelle Jansegers.jpg

All my life I have been told that I think too much about things.


However, this year we noticed in our daily life that we cannot always predict the future. What if a visual artist gave you the opportunity to discover your fears about the future and to do something about it? Can we avoid surprises? Are you doing something about it? Should you do something about it? Look further. Have a conversation. Speculate.


Adaptation Speculation is a minimalist, conceptual photo series in which the maker's own visions of the future are made on the basis of various contemporary social critiques, with the aim of making the viewer think for himself about a potentially problematic future aspect that is not currently being discussed enough.

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